Monday, 19 March 2012


Zara TRF blue velvet flat sandals £3.50 + £3.00 delivery
Hurray!! I got my first ever eBay product since forever. eBay was introduced by my dear cousin, actually, he did my account for his own interests. He ordered some hair products from Asia that they don't sell here in the UK. Anyways, I already purchased some stuff before, okay he did, using my account so that made it "my purchase" right? 
Few days ago, I met up with a friend and she told me that she did some good deals from ebay and asked me if I got one too. I told her that I do but I'm not brave enough to bid because I don't want to be fooled by fake sellers so she taught me what to do and VIOLA! I purchased one already, it's quick and kinda reliable in terms of description but maybe it still depends on the seller.
I am now waiting for 7 parcels and addicted to ebay, hahah! How about you? did you make any purchase from ebay? what was it? x
- May Lynne