Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sizes are just Numbers

I went to one of my fav store last week in search of a perfect pyjama-like trouser and I bumped into this lovely one plus the massive red tag caught my attention, shirts for £3.99 each and an attractive pink sandals. I initially grabbed the trousers and choose from the shirts but only one design caught my attention so I took two, for me and for mySis. When I went to the sandals, I saw that it’s in size 5 and I’m in size 4. Remember what I’ve told you to keep in mind when shopping? “Sizes are just numbers, fit them on”, so I did and it perfectly fit me. Absolutely! I took it too. 
- May Lynne

Shirt £15.99, bought for £3.99
Trousers £45.99, bought it for £14.99
Sandals £19.99, bought for £3.99
all from Zara

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Accessory Dropped

I really do love end season sale, most of the shops here in the UK drop their price for more than half price. Great deal huh? Here are some of what I have found.
  • This coming spring is what I call "fruity season" so this cherry earrings with some blings are perfect for the following months.
  • Golden stars with tangled black chain and charm necklace are great for button up shirts. 

Freedom by Topshop, earrings £5.00 originally and I bought for £1.50
Freedom by Topshop, necklace from £8.50 to £1.50
Miso from Republic, charm necklace for £2 originally £7.99

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Silver Boat . . . shoes!

I've been longing for a new boat shoes for ages and I already have my perspectives from different stores but I have not decided yet because I'm considering some factors such as colour, comfort and the price of course. 
Price, as mentioned, I came upon with this pair in a mall visit. You’ll immediately notice it from afar because it’s the only one in its section plus the colour was SILVER! 
I look at it and it’s in my size, plus it has a RED TAG on it. The silver pair was on sale and its only £6.99, good deal huh! How about you? What’s your latest red tag purchase? x

Dots and Flowers

Hi guys and gals! Summer is nearly approaching and everyone’s excited to be in bikinis and make a sand castle. Have you been shopping for summer must haves? Well, I can recommend a store that offers variety of choices that suits different body shapes which comes in many brands and in lower prices. Here’s my pick, I love the colour as it’s so summery and the dots and flowers were so 80’s. What I loved about it is that you can wear the top as halter or a tube, depends on your mood and it still look amazing and chic. How about you sweethearts, what are you doing in preparation for summer? 
- May Lynne

Evie 2-piece bikini from T-K-Maxx originally £14.99, bought for £11.00

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Silk Dresses

I went to Bath for a weekend getaway and I have no plan to shop since most of the stores in their high street were the same with what we have in London. We only allotted 30 minutes before going to the station and passed in H&M store. I didn’t keep up with what was planned, and yes, I can’t resist not peeping in the shop’s red tag area.  And since I’m running out of time, I looked straight to the prices but I noticed that the prices were different even if they got the same style, it only differs in colours and sizes. I still grab them all and asked in the till if the prices were the same, and they said YES! That’s the power of asking, I got all the dress that I’ll send back home so the size doesn’t matter, I’m sure something will fit to someone.
  - May Lynne

H&M Silk Dresses originally £24.99 each, bought for £3.00 each
H&M Cotton Nude Dress originally £14.99, bought for £3.00