Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sizes are just Numbers

I went to one of my fav store last week in search of a perfect pyjama-like trouser and I bumped into this lovely one plus the massive red tag caught my attention, shirts for £3.99 each and an attractive pink sandals. I initially grabbed the trousers and choose from the shirts but only one design caught my attention so I took two, for me and for mySis. When I went to the sandals, I saw that it’s in size 5 and I’m in size 4. Remember what I’ve told you to keep in mind when shopping? “Sizes are just numbers, fit them on”, so I did and it perfectly fit me. Absolutely! I took it too. 
- May Lynne

Shirt £15.99, bought for £3.99
Trousers £45.99, bought it for £14.99
Sandals £19.99, bought for £3.99
all from Zara

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