Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Silk Dresses

I went to Bath for a weekend getaway and I have no plan to shop since most of the stores in their high street were the same with what we have in London. We only allotted 30 minutes before going to the station and passed in H&M store. I didn’t keep up with what was planned, and yes, I can’t resist not peeping in the shop’s red tag area.  And since I’m running out of time, I looked straight to the prices but I noticed that the prices were different even if they got the same style, it only differs in colours and sizes. I still grab them all and asked in the till if the prices were the same, and they said YES! That’s the power of asking, I got all the dress that I’ll send back home so the size doesn’t matter, I’m sure something will fit to someone.
  - May Lynne

H&M Silk Dresses originally £24.99 each, bought for £3.00 each
H&M Cotton Nude Dress originally £14.99, bought for £3.00

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