Keep in Mind

Hi darls! There are few things that we need to remember when buying an elusive bargain:

1.        Comfort

I know this has been said many times, comfort, for many of us, comes first in choosing clothes, shoes or even bags and accessories.
Admit it; a lot of people think that it looks good on them if it looks good to other people. Sizes are just numbers, fit them on and ask yourself, does it look good on me? The answer is yours. 

2.        Texture

Many fabrics and textures are coming out nowadays especially on clothes, some are soft, smooth and some are itchy (I know!), not to mention those cute furs and sequins. Choose the best that you know you can wear for the whole day.

3.        Quality

This has been usually neglected specifically by us who are on budget. Apparently, it can be tested if you look at the little details of the product. For clothes, it can be seen on the thread on the ends so you can turn it inside out. You can also lightly pull the hanging threads to see if it’s secured nicely.
Mostly for shoes, you can try them on (both left and right) and walk them for few minutes while browsing around the store. In this way, you’re also testing for comfort.

 4.       Colours and Patterns

You can say that these are the common factors that can easily catch our eyes in a boutique. Usually, we tend to rely on the season or weather in choosing what to wear. I don’t know about you, but I like wearing lots of colours on a daily basis especially if it’s sunny plus it actually boost my mood when I feel lazy. In choosing my clothes, shoes and accessories, I tend to buy those that can be easily mixed and matched. I normally have earth colours that I can use as basics and popping out colours to top it up.

5.       Price

Maybe you heard the phrase, “… if the price is right”. Yes, I commonly use that before deciding what to purchase. I work hard so I can buy the things that I like and I don’t want my money to be wasted. Okay, I don’t always consider the things if I do need them or not because apparently I will, maybe not that soon but the time will come that I’ll be using it so I buy them before its gone. ^^

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